The Impacts of a Dog-Less World/ Imagining Life Without Dogs
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The Impacts of a Dog-Less World/ Imagining Life Without Dogs

Imagine a world without dogs, oh how dull it would be!

A dog-less world will be a huge shock for many families out there. Dogs provide support, care, and affection to your families, play with your kids, spend time with grandpas and grandmas, and take care of the house when no one is there. They have become a part of many families who will sadly lose a family member in a dog-less world.


A faithful, loyal, protective, caring, and brave species will no longer be there, and hence, the overall loyalty levels in the society will go down. Why? Because dogs are so much involved with us that their absence will deeply influence our lives. Let’s discuss how.

Dogs and Old Age People

Old age people and dogs seem to have greater coordination and friendship. They are together because both need each other’s company. A dog wants someone to play with, while an old age person wants someone to rely on; he/she wants someone to support them when their body parts get frail.

If there are no dogs left behind, it is highly likely that old age people will feel lonely. The love between the two will vanish, and all the cuteness of grandmas and grandpas enjoying their time with pet dogs will disappear.

Dogs and Children

If there are no dogs left behind, it will also bore children. Children truly enjoy the company of pets. They are amongst the humans who give the dogs the most lively sort of fun, and they receive a similar kind of fun too. All of it will no longer be there in a dog-less world. Also, busy moms and busy dads will find it difficult to find the alternative of a dog’s company for their kids.

Dogs and Lonely People

If there are no dogs left behind, life for lonely people would be extremely difficult. Lonely people, as they are anti-social, find it difficult to make new friends and have fun with them. So, they make dogs as their best friends. Dogs provide them with their care, protection, and support, and all of that will be gone in a dog-less world. In the fast, competitive and tough world we live in, dogs are supreme support to depressed and anxious people. So, dogs need to be there for lonely people.

Dogs and Loyalty

If there are no dogs left behind, it will affect the loyal relationship between humans and animals. Dogs are the pets who are considered the most loyal human friends. This friendship will no longer remain in a world without dogs.

Dogs and Security

If there are no dogs left behind, it will be difficult to find their alternatives to provide security at the airports. Dogs are quite good with sniffing, and they immediately tell you if someone possesses any illegal drug. So, in dogs’ absence, even the security forces will have to rethink about their available resources.

Dogs and Public Parks

If there are no dogs left behind, there would be only human beings exercising and running in public parks. Public parks will become boring places where there no longer would be any pets playing with each other. Just human beings talking to human beings and the whole fun of taking dogs to exercise will vanish.

Dogs as Pets

Dogs are humans’ favorite pets for so many reasons. They are easy to train and help you with whatever tasks you assign them.

If there are no dogs left behind, human beings will deeply miss their favorite pets. Other animals are either not as friendly as dogs are, or they are not easy to train.

Thus, a world without dogs will lack care, protection, faithfulness, and loyalty. Not only that, but many human groups such as old age people, lonely people, security officers will also have to bear the brunt.

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