Protect Our Pets During The Verbena Of San Juan

Protect Our Pets During The Verbena Of San Juan

Siiuumm! … PIM, PAM, PUM !, … fiiuusss! On the night of June 23, we want to welcome you to the summer solstice by making the eve of San Juan a magical night where fire, water, noise, and bonfires keep us from all evil for a year. We celebrate a festival where everyone gathers to spend it in a group, talk, sing, dance, throw firecrackers and laugh. Fun until dawn that our pet does not share: San Juan, verbena, firecrackers, terror. The verbena of San Juan is anything but a day of celebration for our pet.

Why are they scared? The sensitivity of your ear is extreme, exceeds 20 kHz (maximum audible for the human) and can reach 60 kHz. When a firecracker sounds, the dog or cat is disturbed producing a hormonal discharge that prepares it for action. Before the animal has had time to recover and reduce its stress, a second firecracker is heard. The animal reacts with greater intensity because its body is already activated, raising the level of stress even more. And so on, with no solution until the firecrackers cease.


What can we do? Our recommendation is to anticipate the situation and visit our veterinarian on time. If we are aware that we live in a community where the celebration of the verbena is inevitable, we must, well in advance, arrange a visit with our veterinarian. It is who will help us find the best way to address this problem for the good of our pets.

There are desensitization therapies that can prepare our pets for firecrackers, that do not see them as a threat and learn not to overreact to them. Although, like any behavior disorder, the road is not easy, and will require a lot of patience and understanding from the whole family ☺.

There are also medications, which according to the prescription of our veterinarian, can help prepare our pet from a few days before the verbena and during it. Remember, our veterinarian will be the only person trained to prescribe both a guideline and the medication that can best work with our pets. And above all, much patience and understanding!

And during the celebration of the verbena … the only thing that is in our hands is to try to minimize the impact of the panic that our pet will feel and make it as bearable as possible for her. During the days before the verbena, it will be advisable to take the pet for a long walk to explain and enjoy it, in anticipation of one or more days of more seclusion than usual.

What we can do during the celebration will be:

  • Close windows and lower blinds to limit the noise of the pyrotechnics, but also to prevent accidents resulting from an uncontrolled escape.
  • Play soft music or television to mitigate outside noises.
  • Let the animal hide freely; You will surely look for a dark and small place. We can prepare a room with your favorite toys.
  • Offer you our company, if you prefer to feel more protected.
  • Keep calm. Act naturally, give affection and pay attention when calm.
  • If our veterinarian has recommended any medication, provide it if we consider it necessary.

What we should not do during the celebration will be:

  • Not leaving him alone could get injured or escape. But do not exaggerate the contact beyond what is necessary.
  • Not wearing it loose, you could get scared and run away.

Remember that this fear of firecrackers and fireworks requires both a timely solution for specific moments such as the verbena de San Juan, as long-term measures that include behavior modification therapies. Consult your veterinarian, it is who can help us find the best method to prevent our pets to suffer during the verbena and do not forget … BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU, WE PROTECT YOU.

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