Meet The Festival That Honors Dogs

Meet The Festival That Honors Dogs

More and more we want to celebrate and honor pets.

There are celebrations for everything, and our pets are no less. Quite the opposite! They deserve that we dedicate ourselves to them every day of the year just as they make our lives happier.

Kukur Tihar also called “ Deepawali or Diwali ” and which means “Festival of Lights”, is a 5-day annual celebration, which deals with different themes. On the second day, he is dedicated to honoring dogs for their loyalty and the love they give us.


Its origin is in Nepal, it is celebrated between October and November and marks the end of the country’s national lunar calendar. Tradition arises from the importance of dogs in Hindu mythology, where the messengers of Yama or Lord Yamaraj (the god of death) and the guardians of the doors of the ‘beyond’ are considered. The story goes that when Yudhisthira, a prince who ascended to the heavens along with his dog, died, he met Indra (god of heaven) who asked him to abandon the animal. The prince refused, because he considered it to betray his faithful friend, even deciding not to be able to go to heavenly paradise and Indra finally accepted and let them both in.
During the festival, all dogs of any breed are honored and blessed. Even to those who are gone, thanks are shown for their loyalty by placing altars. Dogs are also honored without owners, leaving food on the street to make sure that everyone participates in the celebration and is equally as protagonists.

Some rituals that are performed in this event are:

  • Place on the neck of the dogs, garlands of flowers (called ‘mesh’) as a sign of respect and dignity.
  • Mark on the forehead, red and yellow (the sacred colors) with a kind of reddish chalk (tika) made of ingredients suitable to not harm our hairy, to show that the dog is an animal of devotion and worship.
  • Make food offerings and thanks to acknowledging their loyalty and love.
  • Shows, competitions and activities to promote adoptions and hospitality of stray dogs.

The Kukur Tihar Festival has moved and encouraged more people to show their affection for these animals. Currently, it is expanding and more places are joining to strengthen the culture of respect for dogs and animals in general. Do you dare to join?
These types of events also help raise awareness about animal care. We want to strengthen the importance of deworming against the most common parasites in our environments such as worms, fleas, and ticks. We can deal with these parasites with Monthly Protection and also avoid the risk of zoonosis.

As the heat of summer arrives, the temptation to take a dive increases and, although it may seem harmless, there are hidden aquatic hazards that we should monitor. In the water of natural spaces inhabit organisms and parasites that can infect our pet. It is advisable to avoid calm or stagnant waters, and favor slow-moving rivers or shallow sea areas, where parasitic infections are less persistent. Good advice to apply is to always carry freshwater by hand so that our dog drinks and avoids the temptation to drink water during the bath. As an additional measure, it will be advisable that after swimming, we bathe our dog with clean water remove any harmful residue that may have adhered to your skin and hair. In the case of using a swimming pool, after the swimming session, we should dry the ears and eyes to avoid the irritation that, sometimes, causes the chlorine.

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